Davis coasts to another term in Beaches-East York

Ward 31’s returning councillor, Janet Davis, has fighting words for those at city hall seeking to slash taxes, which she thinks will result in the reduction of essential services.  

“You can’t cut taxes and improve services,” Davis said. “To build a great city you need to invest in communities, the arts, public transit…. It’s very clear we have a challenge at city hall.”

Davis had a near-effortless victory  in the Ward 31/Beaches-East York race, garnering 63 per cent of the vote with 11,117 ballots cast in her favour. She said that it was important for constituents to continue standing up for changes they want and to become engaged in the community.

“I  am stronger when you are behind me… signing those petitions, getting on those phones, sending out those emails… We will make Rob Ford listen to us!” Davis said. “We’ve going to have to fight and rally for the city that we want!”

Davis said that one of her immediate priorities concerned the sewer overflow situation in East York.

“We are looking at the options to control combined sewer overflows, which occurs in our creeks and rivers every time it rains,” Davis said. “That’s the major source of pollution that makes our beaches polluted. It’s underway…. We have to see it through to completion.”

Janet Davis has attracted praise from the Sierra Club, a Toronto-based environmental group, for the way she has handled environmental issues in Ward 31. Dan McDernmott,, director of the Sierra Club, says Davis has great vision when handling complex environmental issues.

“We did not endorse in every ward. We sought only to give our endorsement to A-list candidates and Janet Davis certainly qualifies,” McDernmott said.

Davis’s  campaign manager, Graham Mitchell, says Davis’s excellent tenure at city hall is one thing residents can agree on.

“I think there is a uniform perception across the ward that councillor Davis has done a great job over the past two terms,”  Mitchell said.