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LIVE: The 2016 ArcelorMittal Dofasco Vanier Cup championship game

Follow our Toronto Observer team of reporters bringing you all the coverage Saturday live from the Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton, Ontario. From the media box to the sidelines, and from the stadium to the tailgate parties, follow the first-ever Toronto Observer coverage of this marquee event in Canadian collegiate sports.

High-speed hockey at the players’ fingertips

Emery Gelissen zipped around the court at Variety Village where recently Canada’s only Volt hockey team held its first practice.

“I wish this thing had six cylinders,” Emery shouted as he took a corner.

Volt hockey involves players in wheelchairs powered by twin 12-volt batteries that can reach a maximum speed of 13 kilometres an hour. Participants control their chairs with the flick of a joystick mounted on either side of the chair. Fixed to the front of each player’s chair is a hockey stick split into three blades – one that juts out directly in front for shooting, and two on either side for ball control.

Canadian spent the war trying to serve

It was 1939 and Canada had declared war. Minoru Yatabe remembers Latin class at that moment. His teacher, Ms. Crawford, gathered the boys in her class. She explained she would be forced to return to Glasgow, Scotland, to take care of her elderly parents.

“I know many of you boys are going to come overseas in uniform,” she had said, “so if you ever get to Glasgow, come and see me.”