TTC bus

No snow tires on TTC buses: Riders at risk?

Imagine being on your way somewhere and the TTC bus you’re in is not moving, because it can’t get up the hill in the snow. That is exactly what happened to many passengers on Monday February 2, when at least one bus on York Mills Road east of Yonge Street was struggling to get up the hill, due to the 22 centimetres of snow that walloped Southern Ontario overnight Sunday and into the morning commute. The TTC buses do not use snow tires.

Winter driving tips from a pro: truck drivers, be prepared

Deshaun Rajan from A Great Toronto Truck Driving School on 1616 O’Connor Drive in East York, feels that proper tire conditions are very important when driving in the winter.

Rajan also tells his students to make sure all the brakes are functioning properly. Carrying a lot of windshield liquid and an extra windshield blade is ideal for snowy days.