Mr. and Mrs. Brenton from Brantford outside Florida Auto Exchange Stadium

Canada comes together as one

From cap to t-shirt, tote bag to earrings, Toronto Blue Jays logos adorned Marilyn Ryerse’s outfit. Ryerse was one of thousands of fans who streamed into the Florida Auto Exchange Stadium on a sunny Tuesday afternoon to watch the Jays take on Team Canada in spring training action. But on this day, the most powerful stories had nothing to do with the boxscore.

Darren Miller finds hype to be the difference between NCAA baseball divisions

TAMPA, FLA. — After playing for both Florida State University and the University of Tampa, utility infielder Darren Miller believes hype, not competition, is the biggest difference between the Division I and II programs. As a child, he believed the hype, watching Seminoles games on TV and dreaming of playing at the next level while […]