Walking to Ottawa to raise awareness for autism

A new ‘On To Ottawa’ trek is brewing in the home of a Toronto mother. This time, it’s to press the government to pay more attention to autism. Dee Gordon will walk from Etobicoke, where she lives, to Parliament Hill in January in hopes of raising awareness for autism, spurred by her struggles with her […]

Don Stewart

After Japanese torpedo attack, navy vet ‘got bayoneted’ in prison camp

He shouldn’t have come home alive. But then he shouldn’t have enlisted in the first place. At least not when he did. At only 16 years old and underage, Don Stewart tricked his mother into signing a paper that would allow him to join the navy.

Cadets gain education and sense of respect

Moera Hunter wears the uniform of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets to help her understand the significance of Nov. 11. “It brings honour,” she said.

Moera, 12, joined the Air Cadets two months ago. During the lead-up to Remembrance Day, she’s been selling poppies for the first time on Pape Avenue in East York even in freezing temperatures and chilling winds.

“I think everyday people … every race, culture, generation, religion, all of them should remember … (those) who have given them all that they have today – the freedom, the ability to walk onto the street,” she said.

Determined university football star’s road to CFL draft not an easy one

It’s 6 a.m. at Monarch Park Stadium. It’s quiet except for the sounds of a lone man’s feet as he sprints down the track. Just then a roar pierces the near silence. “Toronto Argonauts! BC Lions! Hamilton Tiger-Cats!” “Calling out these team names gives me the willpower to keep going,” York Lions running back Errol Brooks said later. “It helps me visualize where I want to be one day.”

Mayoral candidate no stranger to political battles

Matt Mernagh starts his day vaporizing marijuana into a plastic bag. He smokes several times a day, consuming several grams to relieve pain from an inoperable brain tumor that causes seizures. He has fibromyalgia, which in addition to pain causes his spine to curve sideways. For almost 20 years, Mernagh, 40, has fought for the rights of medical marijuana users; he’s been attempting to legalize marijuana in an ongoing court case with the federal government. This year, however, Mernagh is fighting a different battle. This year, he’s running to be mayor of Toronto.

Toronto-based archer takes aim at 2015 Pan-Am berth

It was 10 years ago, during a visit to South Korea, where Vanessa Lee’s life changed. Lee, 16, was there visiting her family and friends. The family planned to see some attractions, but Typhoon Megi swept through part of the country, forcing Lee and her family to take shelter in their small home, in front of their tiny TV. So, they watched the Olympics in Athens. Archery was on. Korea’s own Park Sung-hyun was competing. “She was just so cool and composed under pressure that I was like, ‘I want to be like her,’” Lee said. “So I stopped spending all the money my parents gave me to spend on the trip, and I said ‘I’m coming home and I’m buying a bow.’”