Young duo learns to live through music

With instruments, their voices and a vision, two young musicians prove that life and music are their greatest teachers. Xylk (pronounced Silk) Lorena, 20, and Angela Abrenica, 20, have two distinct styles of music. They never expected to come together and create a duo—Plaitwrights (pronounced playwrights).

Toronto’s man at the Vatican: Father Thomas Rosica

Father Thomas Rosica is back in Toronto from a four-week whirlwind he calls “the most intense period of (his) life” that saw him serving as Vatican spokesman. He was there when the Cardinals elected the new Pope Frances, pictured here with Rosica after the Argentine pontiff met the world’s press Saturday March 17 in Rome.

Scarborough native’s NFL dreams realized after years of sacrifice

Sacrifice is a word commonly tossed around in the world of professional sports. Athletes can sacrifice their bodies to make a play, block a shot or protect a teammate. It’s safe to say that sacrifice is something that most professional athletes know well. But few can say they recognize sacrifice the way Denver Bronco’s offensive […]

Teaching past, present and future

Forty years ago, Robert Service Senior Public School opened its doors to Scarborough students. Jack Rilley, dedicating his job to his students, has been there since day one. Rilley, who is in his 45th teaching year, arrives at school at 6:30 every morning. He then prepares his classroom for his students and the upcoming day. However, none of this preparation is for his own personal satisfaction.