UNICEF’s Halloween coin collecting boxes put to rest

Michelle Sam thinks of this year’s Hallowe’en as she remembers back to her childhood trick or treating nights. For her, Hallowe’en was always a time for dressing up, getting candy and raising money for UNICEF. Now, a graduate pathology student at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont., Sam has fond memories of running door to door, […]

Graffiti art comes in out of the cold

The laneway behind downtown stalwart, the Big Bop, is used to seeing lots of people just hanging around. Usually those people are homeless, drunk or otherwise engaged in negative social activity. The usual is no more. Now the laneway is more likely to see tourists snapping pictures of the brightly-painted walls than crack addicts and […]

No Pizza for Chester Le Teens

No community centre? No basketball courts? No pizza? Life for teens living near Morecambe Gate and Chester Le Boulevard in Scarborough is less enjoyable than your average Toronto neighbourhood. Shawn Cuthill, youth minister of Bridlegrove Bible Chapel, has grown close to the teens in his area since he moved to Scarborough in 2003. But there […]