Waterfront access an issue for Parkdale voters

Early last spring David Greig heard rumours that a 1.4-kilometre strip of public beach was going to be sold to private clubs. And even though his club was one of the ones that would benefit from the sale, he was upset. Upon further investigation Greig found that indeed, the strip of beach in southern Parkdale […]

Toronto school board swallows tough cuts

The Toronto district school board has avoided provincial intervention after passing a controversial budget vote. After an emotionally charged six-hour debate, the board voted to slash its $84.5-million deficit with a series of cuts and a large budget transfer. Since Ontario school boards are legally required to pass a balanced budget, the voting determined whether […]

East York observes Schizophrenia Awareness Month

The Toronto community of East York has long had a particularly activist chapter of the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario, and this October, which also happens to be Schizophrenia Awareness Month, the East York chapter is gearing up again. The chapter was founded 11 years ago by Ruth Malloy, a mother of three adults living with […]