Manley commission member says Afghans need Canada to stay the course

The future of Canada’s military role in Afghanistan remains uncertain and is a topic of serious political debate. In tandem with the release of the Manley report, Pamela Wallin, journalist and Canada’s Consul General to New York City, spoke recently at the University of Toronto about Canada’s “moral responsibility” to the country. Discussing her role […]

City explores alternate avenue toward crime prevention

While political battles over gun control and crime rates continue in Queen’s Park and city hall, Toronto focuses on the next generation in an attempt to prevent crime before it happens. The After School Recreation Care Program (ARC), a city-funded initiative, provides youth living in Toronto’s priority neighbourhoods with a positive environment. The program hires […]

Big Brothers and Big Sisters leave a lasting impression

The day after one of the season’s biggest snowstorms, when most Torontonians chose to stay indoors, Big Brother David Wichman had other plans. He found himself at an East York bowling alley, helping 12-year-old Alfredo with his homework, so they could join in the fun at the bowling lanes raising money for a worthy cause. […]

World environment changing before our very eyes, say adventurers

Photo by Katherine Wellman Ultra-marathon runner Ray Zahab (pictured) and fellow explorer Geoff Green spoke on Monday night of the impact of global climate change on some of the world’s most remote and fragile ecosystems. Two Canadian adventurers shared stories and their first-hand experiences of climate change on populations in two very different environments. Speaking […]

York students rally after racial slurs found on university campus

No white supremacy on campus. That was the message the York University Black Students’ Alliance (YUBSA) had for the hundreds that gathered for the anti-racism rally in the school’s student centre on Jan. 24. The rhythm of African djembe drumming ushered the group through the crowd before the rally began.

U of T students on edge over reports of Peeping Tom

Women residing at the University of Toronto’s St. George campus remain uneasy and on alert after reports of a Peeping Tom prowling about their neighbourhood. On Jan. 9, Campus Police issued an alert describing a man who peeked into apartments occupied by women in the Bloor and St. George streets area. Aadila Dosani, a don […]