Young adults ignore the dark side of lighting-up

Some are funny, some are scary, some are even repulsive, but anti-smoking ads are everywhere from buses, to television, even on cigarette packs, yet smart, young adults continue to light up. Dr. Roberta Ferrence, Executive Director of the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit at the University of Toronto, and a Senior Scientist with the Centre for […]

Painting a healthy self-image

Samantha sees advertisements, commercials and magazines with images of thin, airbrushed models everyday. She doesn’t feel she measures up to society’s standards of beauty. “It’s messed up,” the 17-year-old high school student said. “I’m never happy when it comes down to it. My hair isn’t shiny enough. My face isn’t flawless and I’m either too […]

The military and media in Afghanistan

A CTV war correspondent says the Canadian public is more concerned for the Canadian soldiers’ welfare than the progress of the mission in Afghanistan. Panellists at the Robert Gill Theatre on the campus of the University of Toronto recently debated public perception of Canada’s military role in Afghanistan. Lisa LaFlamme, a CTV reporter who has […]