Moving memories, changing lives

On Sept. 14, 2004, Brenda McIntyre’s life changed. The day before her mother’s 60th birthday, Brenda McIntyre sat holding her hand in a surgeon’s office. The doctor explained to her that he would have to remove her mother’s breast. As the reality settled in, she couldn’t figure out the words to comfort her mom. Her mom’s reaction ended up shocking her the most.

Critics say Canadian consuls could do more to protect travellers

Getting ready to travel can be hectic, chaotic even, but Canadians are urged to research their destination and become aware of what the government can, and cannot do should they find themselves in trouble abroad. Ambra Dickie, a spokesperson for The Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs encourages Canadians to not only register on their site […]

Councillor wants to put the brakes on airport limousines

A trip from the Renaissance Hotel at the Rogers Centre to Pearson International Airport in a licensed Toronto taxi costs approximately $30. Airflight Services – one of many licensed airport limousine companies in Toronto – charges a $46 flat-rate for that same trip in a Lincoln Town Car. However, Airflight Services and other limousine companies […]

Skating on a painting at the WinterCity Festival

With a bucket of coloured water in his hand, Gordon Halloran shuffles across Nathan Phillips Square.  He pulls off his gloves and with a paintbrush dabs the water into the cracks of blue and yellow ice slabs. Then Halloran takes a water hose and floods the coloured array of ice.  Twenty-four hours later, he has […]