Vegetarian temptations: How one Toronto woman overcomes chicken cravings

A Toronto woman is finding that becoming a vegetarian can take more then willpower. Sometimes, it means battling not only old eating habits, but one’s own family. Rima Ramoul reports. [audio:]

Overnight parking ban in Scarborough: a winter’s tale

North York already banned overnight parking in the winter and now Scarborough wants to do the same. According to an area councillor, it’s one of those laws that sound great but won’t work nowadays. Stephanie Leung reports. [audio:]

Activists protest anti-Israel boycott by CUPE

Activists braved frigid weather yesterday to picket outside the office of CUPE Ontario to protest against a proposed boycott of Israeli academics at Ontario Universities. Last Friday, CUPE Ontario president Sid Ryan called for the boycott of Israeli academics and educators who do not condemn the Dec. 29 bombing of the Islamic University in Gaza […]