The Rita Cox Black and Caribbean Heritage Collection finds a new home at Malvern Library

April 15 marked a special night for the Malvern branch of the Toronto Public Library. It celebrated the relocation of the Rita Cox Black and Caribbean Heritage Collection from the Cedarbrae branch to its new home at the Malvern branch.

Bloor Street Viaduct bridges history, culture, life and death

The Bloor Street Viaduct has had a tumultuous and tragic past during its 90-year life span. Constructed in 1918 to facilitate mass transit in the growing city, the Viaduct was officially named for Prince Edward VIII. Over the next 85 years, the 494 metre long steel and concrete arch bridge gained notoriety for over 480 […]

New Raptor visits cellular store in Malvern Mall

Kids and parents lined up for hours outside the new Cellular Point store, which celebrated the opening of their Malvern Town Centre location on April 18. But not everyone in line was there to activate a cell phone. Many were excited about meeting “Pops” Mensah-Bonsu, the 25-year-old Britain native who has just signed a one-year […]

Ukrainian-Canadian Easter tradition comes out of its shell

When Ukrainians in Toronto learn to decorate Easter eggs, they are not just having fun. They are helping to preserve an important part of their cultural heritage, one that might have died if not for people living outside Ukraine. The St. Vladimir Institute, a Ukrainian cultural centre on Spadina Avenue, held classes this week in […]

Sunshine brings out the Irish in Toronto

Dancers, floats, marching bands, vintage police cars and fire trucks, and even Barack Obama made their way through crowded downtown streets amidst a sea of shamrocks and green hats on Sunday. The appearance of the Obama impersonator, a Chinese dragon and Filipino marching bands added a multicultural voice to the traditional St. Patrick’s Day parade.