Arts Etobicoke showcases student talent

On April 19, high school students from across the GTA became official artists as their artwork went on display for the first time.

Artwork at Introspections 2007, presented by Arts Etobicoke at Sherway Gardens (located at, 25 The West Mall), which took place April 15-22; held their 11th annual exhibit. This year’s event gave 125 students from 19 schools the opportunity to showcase their work.

Event co-ordinator, Alisha Linseman says that this art show is to help students throughout Toronto, become more acquainted with the artistic community by motivating them to do something practical and rewarding with their extracurricular time.

"What we hope to accomplish is to encourage youths throughout the GTA to participate in art and the art community," Linseman said. "We also want to encourage them to participate in things that are proactive and constructive, by sharing and expressing their creativity with those around them."

Students whose work went on display, were chosen by their teachers who referred them to Arts Etobicoke. At the grand opening, guests were given the chance to vote on their favourite piece. Afterwards, five artists were chosen and awarded.

Teachers offer critique of works

"The teachers are the ones who do the critiquing and send the students that will represent their school to us (Arts Etobicoke)," Linseman said. "The top five who have the most votes get $200 to go towards their program, so it’s an incentive for the teachers to make sure their students represent their school in a nice way."

Sianna Misheea, 17, one of the students featured at the show was chosen by her teacher to display her work.  She says she is honoured that she was chosen, but enjoyed the art show not for the exposure, but for the social aspect of the event.

"For me it was interesting to see how other people’s opinion about art brought critical minds together," Misheea said. "It was amazing to see how one image could bring about so many different messages among a group of people."

Fellow student artist, Christina De Vries, 16, was also ecstatic that her work was chosen for display. Christina says that this art show allowed her to see the different forms of art that are present in the art community. 

She also feels that this exhibit is an excellent way to inform people about the endless capacity of talent prevalent in the youths of today.
"This art show means I get to see the works of other people and their abilities, as well as what they have to say through their art," Christina said.

"This show lets people know that young people are really talented once you give them a chance to show their capabilities."

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Posted: Apr 24 2007 12:00 pm
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