Abandoned baby’s fate in the hands of Childrens Aid Society

It has been about three weeks since the discovery of baby Angelica-Leslie, who was found all alone in a stairwell.

It has been a long road, not only for her but for those who have aided in her rescue and care.

CAS spokesperson, Melanie Persaud, was happy to report that Angelica-Leslie is safe and happy. She is currently staying in a foster home, where she will remain until a permanent family is found.

“When police found her she was taken to North York General and then to Sick Kids, where they assessed her,” she says. “After that, CAS went to the hospital and apprehended the baby. We then placed her in a foster home.”

CAS currently has temporary custody of Angelica-Leslie and is scheduled to be in court a month from now to review further actions.

There are over 300 foster families in Toronto and though the number may seem high, Persaud believes that there is a need for more.

According to a CAS report conducted in 2007, over 3,000 children were provided with alternate parenting care. 40 per cent of children in their care were under the age of 12.

Angelica-Leslie is now part of that percentage and it still remains unclear as to when she will be given a permanent home.

“We’re in a particular situation where we’d still like for someone to come forward. So we can’t put a definite time line on it, says Persaud.

“It’s a balancing act. We’re waiting for her biological family to come forward and also wanting to move her to a permanent home,” she said.

CAS is hoping that by speaking to the biological parents they will be able to get a better understanding of why this baby was abandoned, but investigations are still ongoing.

Persaud explains that while CAS does want to get in contact with the parents, it does not mean they are necessarily expecting to return Angelica-Leslie to them.

“There has to be an awfully good explanation as to why what happened, happened,” she says. “We would have to do a thorough investigation to ensure that Angelica-Leslie’s interests come first.”

CAS is going to court in about a month from now to assess what steps will be taken next.

As for the name this miracle baby was given ‑ Angelica because she looked like an angel and Leslie because she was found at the intersections of Leslie and Finch.

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Posted: Feb 17 2008 12:00 pm
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