Mowat’s ladies miss their ace

Mowat senoir girls’ volleyball

Mowat’s senior girls’ volleyball team looking dejected as they fall behind during Tuesday’s semifinal City Championship loss to the Riverdale Raiders.

What goes on in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but the timing couldn’t have been worse for Mowat’s senior girls volleyball team.

Rebecca Glancy, who had led the 8-1 team all season, was down in Nevada while her school team was playing in the City Championships.

We really want to win today. This is the first time we’ve played without Rebecca,” said Allana Fillier, the team’s oldest member, before the game.

Glancy and her club team, the Durham Attack, finished 13th out of an 89 team field in the Las Vegas Classic, an annual tournament hosted by the Southern California Volleyball Association.

But her school team didn’t fair as well.

The Gaels lost Tuesday’s semifinal match-up against the Riverdale Raiders,

The first set was a blowout, as Riverdale won 25-13.

But in the second set, Mowat bounced back and took an early lead, keeping the scoring tight till the end. Yet, it wasn’t enough to hold the Raiders at bay, who won 25-21.

The girls went into the playoffs ranked first in their division, but Tuesday’s defeat put an end to their season.

“We really want to win today. This is the first time we’ve played without Rebecca,” said Gael Allana Fillier, before the game.

In the first set the girls made some crucial mistakes and fell behind early. Riverdale scored eight points, and by the time Mowat answered back, it was too late. They sat in a deficit that couldn’t be overcome.

“We made them feel good in the first game, and that was our mistake,” Sarah Savin said. The girls conceded they weren’t aggressive enough, and lost the momentum needed to mount a come back.

Mowat seemed a new team, or more like their own selves, when they stepped onto the court on the second set. They were quicker, more agile, and better organized.

“We played much better in the second game,” coach Susan Underwood said.

They kept control of the ball and the score, only losing the lead once before they were ultimately surpassed at the 20-point mark.

“We actually are a better team than Riverdale, but we just didn’t play like it today,” Fillier said.

Mowat senoir girls’ volleyball

The girls turned it on in the second half, but it wasn’t enough
to contain the Raiders.

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Posted: Feb 23 2008 12:00 pm
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