Bad timing for election buzz

Instead of looking forward to multi-coloured flowers and relaxing picnics with the family, Canadians are being slapped in the face with the possibility of a spring election. The only colours we’ll likely be seeing in April are those red, blue, orange and green campaign signs.

Talk of a snap election is also the topic of concern for Scarborough East’s Liberal MPs, Derek Lee and Daniel McTeague.

Lee predicts the government will not last past the next four weeks. The Scarborough-Rouge River MP is certain Canada is going to slide into an election if the Tory government loses the confidence motions coming up in the House of Commons.

McTeague, on the other hand, thinks an election will slow down progress in Parliament. The MP for Pickering-Scarborough East has hit the bull’s-eye on this one.

But Liberal leader Stéphane Dion seems willing to risk it. Dion adamantly wants the combat element of Canada’s Afghanistan mission to end as scheduled next February. The Bloc Québécois and the NDP stand firmly behind him.

Since discussions of Afghanistan are exactly what are triggering the likelihood of an April election, let’s hope that Stephen Harper and his party can compromise.

However, Afghanistan is not the only issue. There might be more fuel added to this fire on Feb. 26 when the minority Conservative government presents its 2008-2009 budget in Ottawa.

So, if it’s not Afghanistan, it’s the budget. Either way, we should all put on our safety belts and get ready for a bumpy ride. If the two sides cannot reach a compromise, Canadians can probably expect a spring election.

Here’s hoping the Liberals and the governing Tories will settle their differences because, like this wicked winter, election rumours are really starting to pick at our already irritated nerves.

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By: Irina G. Burtan
Posted: Feb 24 2008 12:00 pm
Filed under: Opinion