Beaches-East York candidates target youth violence

A former Member of the Provincial Parliament for Beaches-East York says that there needs to be more done to prevent violent crime in the city of Toronto.

Marilyn Churley of the New Democratic Party spoke to an audience of approximately 100 people at St. John’s Norway Church on Monday, Oct 6.

She was one of four candidates present debating questions from residents in the riding. She said that the NDP is dedicated to enhancing gun control measures.

“The NDP is committed to a program that supports strong communities and safer neighbourhoods using a five point plan to tackle violent crime,” she said.

“Our police officers need the tools and resources to do the job, but we also want to take on gun crime, and address the roots of crime with active prevention. We also need effective prosecution and prevention, coupled with the ban of handguns in the City of Toronto.” Churley said.

Maria Minna, the Liberal party incumbent for Beaches-East York said, “We need to negotiate with the Americans an agreement to prevent guns coming from the border, we need to fight to stop the flow,” she said.

“The Conservatives have delayed, and there has been nothing done to advance the gun registry, in fact it has been suspended.”

The national gun registry was introduced by the Liberal government of Jean Chrétien and received a first reading in the House of Commons in 2006. The initial idea was that the registry would reduce crime as guns in general circulation would be inventoried and tracked.

“We would implement a $40-million gun violence prevention program,” Minna said.

Churley was clear that there needs to be more done in the Beaches-East York community. This starts with the youth in the area.

“We have lost some youth in our community due to gun violence, and we have to invest in prevention,” Churley said.

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Posted: Oct 8 2008 12:13 am
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