The Politics of Appearance

Physical appearance is the first thing you notice about someone else and can be quite important. Research has even shown that we equate traits such as kindness, talent, honesty, and most of all intelligence, to good-looking individuals. In an image conscious society, does your prime minister’s physical attributes sway your vote?

Voters have be known to vote beautiful. So is this election really about the issues such as the environment or fighting crime – or are voters not even looking to them, as they are too fixated on physical appearances.

Look at our prime minister for instance. For those of you who may not have been aware who keeps Stephen Harper prim and proper, it’s his personal stylist – Michelle Muntean.

Muntean is responsible for keeping our prime minister looking rejuvenated with a fresh application of make up right before going in front of a live audience or making a brief television appearance.

For those who may not have time to engage in politics or are simply not interested, does Harper’s polished look get your vote?

Perhaps if you knew that Harper’s confidantes refuse to reveal how much they are paying the individual who holds the key to all of his beauty secrets, you would be more interested.
Where does that leave Stephane Dion with his bland glasses, oversized jackets and let’s not forget his thick French accent.

Now for the most part Jack Layton looks put together and it’s not forced. His moustache and the hair left on his head are perfectly trimmed; also he looks great in his attire. If “clothes make the man”, style should play a large role for Canadian politicians but NOT overtake significant issues concerning eliminating poverty.

What about the woman? Elizabeth May’s lack of sex appeal will not be getting her any votes any time soon if this theory deems true.

If you are politically aware, these Canadian politicians looks shouldn’t matter to you. Looking at this issue locally – whether or not Dan McTeague or John McKay shows up to your door dressed in a suit or sweats shouldn’t sway your vote Torontonians. It is if they keep their promises they have set in their campaigns – should it be their ability to lower gas prices or to make East Scarborough green.

When you vote in this election Canada, think about whether you are voting for the issues that matter to you or the new Dolce and Gabbana suit Dan McTeague is sporting which just happens to look just fabulous on him.

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Posted: Oct 12 2008 5:37 pm
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