‘Elections Special: Scarborough-Guildwood riding

John McKay
Liberal Party
Liberal John McKay was elected in the Scarborough-Guildwood riding in 2004 and 2006. He has been a member of the advisory group to the Durham Council, and board member of the Doris McCarthy art gallery. As a lawyer, he is also active in the Durham Region Bar Association.

John McKay, Liberal Party candidateMain Issue:
“Originally I thought there were three or four issues, but now it’s down to one, the economy, the economy, the economy,” says McKay. “That’s all people want to talk about … and that’s all I’ve been hearing at the door.

What is this election about?

“You’re trying to reflect what your constitutes are telling you, and what they are telling you is that Mr. Harper is clueless about what to do about with this economy. People are worrying about their pension money, and their jobs.”

McKay also says that the Liberals have dealt with poor economic situations before. “The Liberal party is the party of Paul Martin, John Manley, Anne McLellan, John McCallum, all of these people have been through financial crisis before, and have some experience,” he says. “It’s time to get the adults back into Ottawa.”

Chuck Konkel
Conservative Party
Conservative Chuck Konkel has worked as a police officer, author and educator. He was a police inspector in Hong Kong, taught communications at Seneca College and is the co-author of two novels. Some of his community activities include being director of Ontario Safety League and Canadian Afghan Council.

Chuck Konkel, Conservative Party candidateMain Issues:
“The principal issue in this riding is crime, because without a safe community, it doesn’t matter what kind of economy you’ve got, says Konkel. “In the country its leadership, it’s the dichotomy between a person who has lead this country and continues to lead this country and a professor who has plans.”

What is this election about? :
“Is that Canadians make a wise decision and continue in the course we have taken with Stephen Harper,” says Konkel.

Alfonzo Bartley
Green Party
Alfonzo Bartley has worked as a mechanical engineer. He is also actively involved in community activities such as being the President of the Cedar Ridge Community and Business Association and has worked towards building a basketball court through the Toronto Raptor’s foundation in Scarborough.

Alonzo Bartley, Green Party candidateMain Issue:
Bartley says that the main issue for this riding is opportunities for young people.” I think there’s been too much emphasis on family and not enough on individuals,” Bartley says. “There’s a lack of opportunity for a lot of people,” says Bartley as he refers to jobs in the riding in the Scarborough-Guildwood riding.

What is this election about?
“This election is about building the Green presence in Scarborough-Guildwood, and, having people understand that there is an alternative to the other parties,” Bartley says. “I think we all feel deep down inside the other three parties don’t to speak us.”

Sania Khan
New Democratic Party
Sania Khan is the owner of her own food label called Companions Choice. She is a member of Peel Poverty Action group and Faith of Life Network. She is also involved in women’s groups and Women in Business.

Sania Khan, NDP candidateMain Issues:
“Economy is a major issue, that’s what I’m hearing at the door,” says Khan. Khan also says that crime and job creation are also major issues, especially for this riding.

What is this election about?
“Getting to all the communities and making sure their voice is heard,” says Khan.

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Posted: Oct 13 2008 9:06 pm
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