Election 2008: Bloc Quebecois plays spoiler

The Bloc Quebecois, along with party leader Gilles Duceppe, has won a sixth consecutive majority within the province of Quebec.

“It’s five more ridings than Mr. Harper’s party. It’s two thirds of the ridings in Quebec,” Duceppe said. “That’s strong.”

In his victory speech, Duceppe thanked his riding, Laurier-Sainte Marie, and his fellow Quebecers for continued support over the years. He also claimed it was the Bloc that stood in the way of a Conservative majority government.

“Friends,” he said, “we have reached our goal. Without the Bloc tonight, Stephen Harper would lead a majority government.”

Duceppe emphasized the strength he sees in Quebec and Quebec’s culture.

“Quebecers demand respect for their culture,” he said. “The Quebec nation exists.”

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By: Katherine Wellman
Posted: Oct 14 2008 10:39 pm
Filed under: News