Election 2008: Dion still the leader, Rae says

Bob Rae, claiming victory in his Toronto Centre riding Tuesday tonight, remained supportive of Liberal leader, Stephane Dion.

In a landslide outcome, the former Ontario premier once again won his federal riding.  Rae’s victory, however, did little to help the Liberal party’s national standings in the new House of Commons.

Pundits predicted another Conservative minority Tuesday night. Despite the Liberals’ showing, Rae remained supportive of his party leader.

“I am very proud to have campaigned in this election under the leadership of Stephane Dion,” Rae said.  “I am very proud to be his friend and to be his supporter.”

As he reviewed the night’s totals, Rae focused more on the positives of Dion’s leadership.  Rae reiterated that Dion remains the leader of the Liberal party and justified that title by keeping Stephen Harper’s Conservatives from winning a majority government.  Rae said he considered that in its self as quite an accomplishment.

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Posted: Oct 14 2008 11:07 pm
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