Election 2008: Don Valley West sends rookie MP to Ottawa

The new Liberal MP for the Don Valley West riding in Toronto has promised to take the serious concerns of his constituents to the next Parliament in Ottawa.

In a battle not decided until well after the polls closed at 9:30 Tuesday evening, Liberal candidate Rob Oliphant came out on top.

Oliphant received 21,002 votes versus his Conservative rival John Carmichael with 18,644 votes. In his victory speech late Tuesday, Oliphant explained his goals as a first-time Member of Parliament.

“I’m going there to take your stories and your dreams and your ideas,” he said. “To raise the issues of concern of the people of Canada and the people of Don Valley West in the House of Commons.”

John Godfrey, MP of Don Valley West from 1993 to Aug. 1 this year, offered his support to Rob Oliphant at the Liberal victory party.

“Rob is good news for the riding; he’s a good guy,” Godfrey said. “Rob’s in the caring profession; he’s a minister. You’ll find these are transferable skills.”

Rob Oliphant raised various issues of concern, including the environment, barriers to higher education, child care, and, in particular, poverty.

“As long as one person in this riding is poor, we’re all poor,” he said. “Mr. Harper, watch out. I’m on my way to Ottawa and I got some things to say.”

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Posted: Oct 15 2008 6:36 pm
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  1. Well Rob will make an impression. He does not lack confidence and some people knew he was bored with ministry stuff. The ego has landed

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