Election 2008: Liberal, Tory vow to meet again in Pickering-Scarborough East

For the winner of the Pickering-Scarborough East riding, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s tactics and policies remained a contentious issue during the federal election.

Liberal candidate Dan McTeague, defeated Conservative George Khouri convincingly with 48 per cent of the vote. In victory, McTeague remained critical of the Conservative platform.

“I plan to take (Harper) and his colleagues to task,” McTeague said. ” In this part of the city, in this part of the region, we have objected the politics of negativity and we have objected the politics of division.”

Conservative Khouri remained optimistic in spite of his defeat. While his first attempt at office had failed, Khouri insisted he would offer strong opposition to the Liberal incumbent.

“(McTeague) ran a very good campaign. He brought in some tough people,” Khouri said. “I have a warning for Mr. McTeague. Your glass jar is going to shatter next time.”

McTeague praised Khouri’s campaign, however, emphasized the unusual setbacks the campaign presented for both him and his supporters.

“We’ve gone through car accidents. We’ve gone through heart attacks … We never once gave up and you never once gave up on me.” McTeague said.

Standing behind his platform, Khouri remained hopeful in anticipation of the next election.

“Life goes on and my career will go on. I will be running again,” he said.

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Posted: Oct 15 2008 6:24 pm
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