Election 2008: Lang slams ‘forgotten’ Layton

With returns counted in Tuesday’s federal election, the Liberal runner-up in Toronto-Danforth has criticized his NDP rival for absenteeism during the contest.

Andrew Lang spoke out against Toronto-Danforth incumbent Jack Layton Tuesday night, shortly after polls showed that the NDP leader had retained the riding he has held for the past four years. Lang, running in his first election, claimed the veteran Layton didn’t deserve to win because he rarely appeared in the riding during the election.

“He’s forgotten to be a member of parliament, and you do wear two hats,” Lang said.  “I don’t care if you’re the leader of the party, the prime minister, or the foreign minister, you wear two hats and he isn’t wearing the other one.”

In a race that Lang recognised as an uphill battle, Layton retained his seat by a wide margin, defeating the Liberal 20,416 votes to 13,291.  In his post-election speech, the NDP leader took a moment to thank his local constituents.

“I want to take a last moment to thank the people of Toronto-Danforth for re-electing me as your MP,” Layton said.  “It is an honour to serve you, and I will do all that I can for our riding.”

For Lang, the sentiments of his opponent fuelled his own ambitions to return to fight another day.

“We will continue to give voice to the people,” Lang promised.  “We will continue to do what is right…and the next time I stand before you it will be at the beginning of a long series of Liberal victories in Toronto-Danforth.”

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Posted: Oct 19 2008 6:59 am
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  1. Katie Longo | November 9, 2008 at 8:05 pm |

    A very compelling argument for Lang. Too bad he doesn’t have the ‘stache to even stand a chance.

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