Election 2008: Liberal McTeague holds the fort in Pickering

The winner of the Pickering-Scarborough East riding expressed in Tuesday’s federal election took advantage of his victory speech to criticize the Prime Minister’s decision to call the election in the first place.

Liberal incumbent Dan McTeague retained the Pickering-Scarborough East riding, winning 49.05 per cent of the votes. Conservative runner up George Khouri captured 33.32 per cent of the ballots cast.

McTeague felt gratified about keeping the seat, but he spoke out against Stephen Harper’s decision to call an early election.

“(It was a) vicious, negative, U.S. style campaign… (that promoted) politics of negativity and division,” he said.

McTeague complained that the election cost nearly $400 million and was a reckless waste of taxpayer’s money.

“(Harper had) no rhyme… no legitimate reason, no justification to call (it),” McTeague said.

McTeague’s closest competitor in the campaign, George Khouri, disagreed.

“(It was) global uncertainty that led to this,” he said.

Khouri said he hoped to see the Conservative party vindicated in the year to come by positive results reversing the economic crisis.

McTeague and Khouri extended congratulations to each other for solid campaigns. McTeague pledged to continue to do his best to represent the riding while Khouri feels nothing should change in his platform for the next election.

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Posted: Oct 19 2008 8:23 am
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