Sister’s Restaurant haunted?

Have you ever shared a dining table with a ghost?

Sisters Restaurant, at 4 Old Kingston Rd., has been rumoured to be haunted since the early 1980s.

“There have been a few experiences,” said Mira Kemperle, one of the Resaurant’s long-time employees. “People have seen something like a shadow of a woman going by, but no one has seen anything in a couple of years.”

For decades employees at local Scarborough buffet,

For decades employees at local Scarborough buffet,

According to reported sightings of the female apparition on the Ghost and Hauntings Research Society (GHRS) website, employees have encountered a lot of poltergeist-like activity at the restaurant, especially with the buffet dishes and table wear.

Kemperle hasn’t seen anything herself but many of her co-workers have throughout the years.

There has been a lot of gossip and hearsay around the restaurant, but sheís always careful about what she believes.

Matthew Didier, director of the Toronto and Ontario GHRS, knows all too well how some people like to exaggerate hauntings for a little shock factor.

“None of our staff experienced anything at the restaurant. If we had, it would be online,” said Didier.

The GHRS is a volunteer organization. Members research different sites that have reported paranormal activity.

“As for the other reports, how would one gauge the validity?” Didier said. “A person says they experienced something, can I or anyone say they didn’t unless we were there?”

“I liken it to this, you could go to the woods and see a wild bear. I could go the next day and see nothing. Does that mean your sighting is invalid and that bear could not have existed?”

The restaurant was owned by the same woman for over 30 years, who claimed to have never witnessed anything. In June, the restaurant was sold to Roger Nadarasa.

“I haven’t seen anything,” said Nadarasa, who giggled at the very thought.

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Posted: Oct 26 2008 5:29 pm
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