Moeser to be appointed as TTC commissioner

Ron Moeser can talk the talk, but now his constituents may get the chance to see if he can walk the walk.

The Scarborough East councillor has been recommended for the available spot on the Toronto Transit Commission commission.

But what does this mean for the residents?

“I’ve definitely got more input as a commissioner,” Moeser said. “We have some say in council, but now I have the ability to recommend where the routes will be going and deal with the finances.”

Assuming his appointment is made official in city council next month, he has big plans for Scarborough. Having always thought the Sheppard subway line should have extended to the Scarborough Town Centre, Moeser now feels light rail is the way of the future.

Two routes in particular have caught his attention – one that would go to the University of Toronto at Scarborough, and another that would run east on Sheppard from Don Mills station to the Toronto Zoo.

“That is one of the things that I would like to fast-track,” Moeser said. “It was going to stop at Morningside, but I want to take it to the zoo because it is a good destination point.”

If his appointment is approved by council, Moeser will be meeting with the seven other TTC commissioners for the first time in January. That get-together will determine the schedule of issues to be discussed by the commission and Moeser hopes his input in this process will be able to improve the city.

“Every successful city has wonderful public transportation systems,” said Moeser, who believes the new light rail system will benefit local businesses and attractions like the zoo, but those that live and work in the east end will be able to enjoy easier access to the subway system.

Shavali Lal, 17, gets on her bus at Sheppard Ave. E and
Morningside Ave. The proposed LRT line could make
her life much easier.

Shavali Lal takes the Sheppard bus almost every day from Morningside Road all the way down to the subway. She is fed up with how she has to “wait forever” for the bus.

“I take the bus from the start so it’s not that crowded, but as you go down the line more and more people get in and it gets pretty crowded,” Lal said.

This bus is her “only means of transportation” and adding a light rail line down Sheppard would have a large impact on her daily routine.

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By: Eric Heino
Posted: Nov 27 2008 7:15 pm
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