Highland Creek needs TLC

Recently a resident of Highland Creek started a discussion with me regarding his community. He was very passionate in explaining that, as a young adult living in the area, he found Highland Creek was in desperate need of modernization and general upkeep.

But Highland Creek has never received any help from any levels of governments to beautify the area. Whose responsibility is it to restore this historic community to its former glory? Is it the government’s responsibility or is it the people’s responsibility who make up the community?

Back in the 1850s, Highland Creek was the largest residential and business community in Scarborough. While many other smaller communities within Toronto, especially in the west end, have flourished over the last decade or so, some areas such as Highland Creek have become outdated and rundown.

In the late 1990s there was much expectation and high hopes that a cameo of one of Highland Creek landmarks, Amazing Ted’s Restaurant, in the film Pushing Tin would elevate the community to new heights.

Many people had hoped such exposure would bring a new popularity to this Scarborough community. But Highland Creek is now better known for decrepit roads, rundown buildings, and Old Kingston Road that runs through it.

So where have all the community’s finances gone? Has the government neglected this east end community in favour of a multi-million dollar project in aid of the Pan Am games?

While some developments, such as The Mills at Highland Creek homes, are in the works, this will not help the community’s status. These modern residences will start at half a million dollars, a ridiculous amount considering our current economic troubles.

Instead of building new homes, we should invest in the upkeep of all the historic buildings and homes, some of which are the oldest in Scarborough.

It is the government’s job to provide the necessary funding for upkeep and development. However, each person has their part in maintaining the aesthetics of their community.

With a little paint, some road work and community support, Highland Creek could become the east end’s Uxbridge.

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Posted: Mar 31 2009 12:22 pm
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