Toronto proposes hiring 1,300

Local residents are tweaking their resumes as the City of Toronto prepares to embark on a massive hiring spree, opening up to 1,300 new positions.

A few city councillors may be questioning some of the proposed positions, such as a BlackBerry specialist. But this still comes as good news to many who have been searching for jobs or have been laid off.

Tahmina Sarwari, a 21-year-old student, purchased her first car nearly a year ago.

She now has to worry about her insurance, her tuition, and her cell phone bills piling up. Her credit cards are maxed out and she finds herself in a desperate situation.

The fact that she is also unemployed doesn’t help either. She’s been searching for a job for over seven months.

“It’s been hectic, I didn’t realize how hard it would be,” she says. “I mean as a bilingual person I thought it would be easy, especially with my experience in finance.

“But I’m starting to personally feel the impact of the U.S. economy crashing.”
She says she generally dismissed ideas of a recession, saying the claims were overblown, and thought she was immune to its effects. But now she has second thoughts.

“I feel like that with the limited amount of positions out there I feel like there’s a lot more competition than, say, a year ago.”

After one of her friends alerted her about the city’s potential hiring spree, Sarwari immediately jumped online and started sifting through the possible job opportunities.

The jobs are making their way through the city’s budget process and will go to council for final approval next week.

Proposed jobs include a manager in charge of keeping our streets clean, a maintenance patroller, inspectors to crack down on grow-ops.

To get more information on how to apply and a list of jobs available from the city, visit

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Posted: Apr 1 2009 8:43 am
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  1. these people are insane, hiring people to do nothing fixes absolutely nothing

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