Guild makes ‘Moon’ shine

In the airy room about the size of a basketball court, the actors scuttle around arranging chairs as their minimal props for yet another rehearsal. The cast of five is getting ready to give its first public performance of Norm Foster’s play Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun on March 5.

The play is a story about friendship. Robert Castle, a mentally challenged man meets Holly Fitch, a young pregnant girl, at a bus stop. The months pass and as Holly’s belly grows, so does their unique friendship. By the end of her pregnancy, much of the circumstances have changed, bringing the two closer.

Robert’s mother, their family doctor, and Holly’s ex-boyfriend are all added to the mix, and together they provide the right balance for a great story that delivers a few surprises along the way and an unexpected bang at the end.

Story comes to life

Kevin Shaver, who makes his directional debut in Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun, describes the play as one with “all the right ingredients that create great theatre and make an enjoyable experience for an audience.”

“An audience expects to be entertained,” he said. “And this play will do it because it has a great story and a wonderful cast that has worked very hard for the last 10 weeks to bring the story to life on stage.”

Tommy Boston, who plays Robert, says that this is his biggest role so far.

“It’s been a challenge,” he said. “Playing somebody that has a bit of a mental disability is a bit of a challenge too because you want to be respectful of people who are that way in real life”.

But Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun is much more than a play about people living with mental disabilities. A central part of its theme is how a strong bond can develop between people who meet in the most simplest of ways, but are each confronted with obstacles and serious responsibilities.

“The characters involved learn about responsibility and how to persevere against all odds,” said Shaver.

“Therefore, I would say that with the right support system in our lives we can persevere no matter what odds are against us.”

You can catch Kiss the Moon, Kiss the Sun as it runs from March 5 to 21 at the Scarborough Theatre Guild. Tickets are on sale at the box office at (416) 396-4049, or by visiting

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Posted: Apr 7 2009 10:51 am
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