Pothole clean up a bumpy ride

Several medium-sized potholes sit on Dean Park Rd. about 10 metres from the intersection of Dean Park and Meadowvale Rd. An Observer staff member reported the potholes to the City of Toronto on March 31.

Last month the city encouraged residents to report potholes. They promised it would take four business days to repair them.

Four business days later the reported potholes were filled with water, not asphalt.

But city records indicate they were filled on April 7 after an evaluation was done on April 1.

A road services city worker said there are discrepancies between city records and actual pothole repairs. She said several residents complained they were standing beside a pothole they reported on several days before.

But some East Scarborough drivers are seeing improvements with the road repairs. It took the Observer reporter forty-minutes to find Scarborough potholes to report to the city. Some of the potholes familiar to the reporter, including those formerly on Morningside Road, were already paved.

“Main streets are better but side streets are still the same, side streets still have potholes,” said Andrew Ng, a resident in the Highland Creek area. “I want all roads repaired properly.”

Ng said that potholes cause him to drive dangerously. He steers his car to avoid the potholes, causing his car to swerve or go on the opposite lane.

It costs around $25 to fix a pothole. Each year it costs the city about $6 million. The city repaired more than 275,000 potholes last year.

If you see a pothole on a city street, call the City at 416-599-9090, press the pound key (#), followed by 164. You can also e-mail Access Toronto at [email protected].

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Posted: Apr 10 2009 7:45 am
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