Tips for men whose wives are dealing with cancer

Many caregivers experience a deeper emotional connection with the
person who has cancer and often other family members and friends.
However being a caregiver is also difficult. Caregivers will have to
cope with the many emotions that can surface when a loved one is sick.

These are some tips that may help men whose wives are dealing with cancer:

• Communication is KEY, talk things through with your loved one and
keep the lines of communication open so they can come to you when they
need support.

• It is instinctive for men to try and fix things but this can
backfire because your partner may not want a plan of action or a
solution, she may just need someone to listen to what she has to say.

• Get involved, go to as many appointments and consults as possible
to show that you are there and supportive of her.

• Make sure that your partner understands that even though you are not
the one who is sick, you are still under a lot of strain.

• You may worry that spending time on you seems selfish, but it’s not.
Caring for yourself is part of caring for your loved one because
keeping up your strength and spirits will help you cope with the
challenges of being a caregiver.

• Let your team of healthcare professionals know if you want to find
out about respite care. With respite care, a trained person usually
comes to your house to take care of your loved one so you can leave
for a while. This gives you a break from being a caregiver so that you
can rest, have fun, and take care of other responsibilities.

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Posted: Apr 17 2009 11:24 am
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