LRT transit update

Toronto will have to get on the PanAm bandwagon before Malvern can get on the new light rail transit system, Scarborough Community Council has been told.

Construction of the line would be accelerated if Toronto receives the bid to accommodate the expected influx the games will bring, said Mitch Stambler, TTC manager of service planning, at the April 21 council meeting.

The Malvern line is to connect commuters to the Sheppard East LRT line scheduled to begin construction in June.

“Once that [Sheppard] line is done, right here in Scarborough, we will join world class cities like Paris, like Barcelona, which have modern, low floor, accessible light rail transit,” Stambler said.

The city’s LRT plan is for a network of electric, above-ground transit that is cheaper than a subway system. The lines emit 92 per cent less carbon dioxide than cars, which may reduce pollution in an already congested city.

On April 1, the Province announced $1.7 billion to extend and upgrade the existing Rapid Transit from McCowan station to Sheppard and then to Malvern Town Centre.

Stambler also announced improvements already made to improve efficiency on the TTC.

They include off-peak bus service increases and the new Bike Ride program that allows cyclists to easily transport their bicycles to where they need to be.
As of next month, several buses running throughout Scarborough will have bike racks.

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Posted: Apr 23 2009 9:45 am
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