What you can do with the cost of a Jays ticket

The Toronto Blue Jays have brought in the three lowest crowds since moving to the Rogers Centre in 1989.

With six games — including Tuesday night’s contest against Baltimore — left in the season, the Blue Jays are on pace to draw 1,885,364 spectators – over half a million less than they brought in during 2008.

However, that total is based on the season’s average of 23,276, a number they haven’t reached since the Yankees visited the Rogers Centre back in early September.

Fan apathy is nearing an all-time high for Jays fans, many of whom have apparently decided to spend their money in places other than the Rogers Centre.

There are many other options in a bustling city for one’s dollar. The average price for a weeknight game is just under $37. For that kind of money, a person could:

– Get any ticket for a film at the Toronto International Film Festival

– A movie at any mainstream theatre in the city for two, along with a popcorn and two soft drinks

– See the Dead Sea scrolls at the Royal Ontario Museum and get an audio tape

– Four consecutive games of Laser Quest (or to stretch things out, playing every
other game, which would take up roughly the same amount of time as a baseball game)

– A pound of wings and a pitcher of premium beer at virtually any bar in the city

– The Total Tower Experience at the CN Tower (a package that includes the glass floor, skypod, movie, motion theatre ride and Look-out, which turned correctly could allow one to watch the game anyways)

– Admission to the Toronto Zoo, parking, and a camel ride

– A one day ticket to Canada’s Wonderland

– An alley for two hours at Bowlerama

– A visit to any nearby casino or horse racing track

– A 48-pack of Snickers bars and a 12-pack of Big Red Cream Soda from Amazon.com, which might better qualify as a long-term investment

This list doesn’t include several options with varying price ranges, such as dinner, a night at the bar, or seeing a show. Any of these options could very easily fall under the average cost of a Blue Jays ticket.

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By: Stephen Sweet
Posted: Sep 22 2009 8:05 pm
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