Road improvements across East Scarborough

Residents of East Scarborough should see upgrades along Lawrence Ave. E. by the end of 2009.

Ward 44 Councillor Ron Moeser has initiated a rebuild on the street, improving road infrastructure in the city of Scarborough.

Scarborough improvements and upgrades in the Canada/Toronto infrastructure plan

  • Up to $333 million will be spent on the Sheppard East Light Rail Transit Line (long-term infrastructure project)
  • Transportation facility improvement to Ellesmere Yard (municipal building) at the north-west corner of Midland Ave. and Ellesmere Rd.
  • Expansion of the Scarborough Village Centre is part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan to spend $500 million on recreation facilities around Canada. The budget will be funded by the federal government.
  • Trails and pathways of Morningside Park, Scarborough Heights Park, Glen Rouge Campground at Rouge Valley Park, and Guildwood Inn at Guildwood Park
  • TTC/GO transit infrastructure, facilities, routes, trains, and buses will also be upgraded throughout the city of Scarborough and Toronto.

For more information and the full list of upgrades, improvements and money invested throughout Toronto, view Canada’s Economic Plan.

Phase one of the project includes new pipes and some bicycle lanes being added along Beechgrove over to Bennett Rd. After that, the second phase will include upgrades from Bennet Rd. to Kingston Rd. starting next year.

The improvements to the roads will “benefit and serve as a convenience to drivers and cyclists in the future”, says Moeser.

“It’s a relief to hear that bike lanes are being built on the road,” says Jennifer Pyle, who has a daughter who rides her bike along Lawrence Ave. E. “My daughter doesn’t have to worry about cars almost hitting her or honking her when she’s biking now.”

Toronto and Scarborough residents can also see upgrades in infrastructure, sewage systems, and transportation over the next few years.

The city of Toronto and the federal government partnered to fund 500 new infrastructure improvements over the next few years.

About half a billion dollars have been invested by Toronto and Canada but it is uncertain how much of this money will go towards East Scarborough and what kinds of infrastructure will be improved.

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Posted: Sep 25 2009 10:20 am
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