U of T’s Varsity Blues go online

University of Toronto will be streaming all Varsity Blues sports games online for the 2009–10 season.

The Varsity Blues teams will stream live web casts through the Streaming Sports Network (SSN), making all of the home games between U of T and other universities viewable online.

This will make the games viewable by potential recruits and fans from all over. Parents and alumni can watch the games online without having to attend the games.

U of T’s director of athletics is excited to have partnered with SSN.  SSN president Bengt Neathery agrees that the partnership was beneficial to U of T.

“Their commitment to equipment and resources for their broadcasting should prove exciting for all fans in upcoming season,” Neathery said.

Filming the games will be beneficial to students in high school who are planning to join sports teams in university. They will be able to see how the teams are organized, how players play and how good they have to be in order to join the Varsity Blues’ team.

Potential recruits have the opportunity to see our successful intercollegiate programs from a distance,” Hoffman said in a press release on the official Varsity Blues website.

The first web cast was on Sept. 18. The last game for the team, against the Waterloo Warriors, will be streamed on Oct. 17 at 1 p.m.

The SSN is a Canadian Organization that is dedicated to promoting amateur sports including at the university level.

“Our objective for providing access to the best of university sports broadcasting has been brought up a level by the inclusion of U of T, and we believe this relationship further enhances our position in growing the exposure of our brand and Canadian athletics as a whole,” Neathery said.

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By: Selena Mann
Posted: Oct 8 2009 8:47 am
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