Neighbourhood conservation efforts net $10,000

Ten thousand dollars are coming to the Old Morrish Store on Old Kingston Road for a revitalization project to make the building more environmentally friendly.
Over the summer residents citywide were asked to participate in a Toronto Hydro initiative in energy conservation. Hydro’s Count Me In program determined that Ward 44 made the biggest effort and awarded a $10,000 dollar prize to use on a building in the area.

Acts of conservation were counted in each area, earning points.

“The first thing to do was register online,” n she said. Even without actually doing anything, it shows an interest in conservation.
Two on-going programs were part of the contest: the old fridge pickup to recycle refrigerators and the Peak Saver program. Peak Saver is a service that allows Hydro a wireless connection to homes’ air-conditioning system and permits them to shut off that system remotely.
“Basically Hydro can monitor your system when it seems to be heating up and down over and over, it can slow down energy consumption by 50 per cent,” Hydro spokesperson Bruckmueller-Wilson said.
There was also a CFL light bulb giveaway at Canadian Tire and Home Depot and an incentive program to pick up old air conditioners.
After Ward 44 took the most advantage of these programs, councillors decided to upgrade the Old Morrish Store because of its unique history and current role. It now houses the Scarborough Historical Society.
On Oct. 19, Hydro officials met with the site’s manager and discussed possibilities for the prize-money. Bruckmueller-Wilson said that the building was already making steps to be environmentally friendly.
“They were already good in terms of conservation … doing things like keeping lights off in certain rooms when they weren’t in use.”
They talked about upgrading the windows, possibly adding storm windows to keep heating costs down. Other ideas were about baseboard heating, installing a thermostat and possibly implementing the Peak Saver program.
But nothing will be done without a lot of planning and organization.
“There is still a lot of research to do,” Bruckmueller-Wilson said.

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By: Phillip Smalley
Posted: Oct 22 2009 9:45 am
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