Scarborough Buddhist temple prayers come true

The Toronto Buddhist Centre off Kingston Rd. may have gotten its wish.

City councillors allowed a compromised height of 1.5 metres (five feet) for a fence to surround the building’s perimeter.

The centre had applied for construction of a fence around its property but wanted to surpass the city bylaw of 1.2 metres (four feet). It claimed the greater height is needed due to an increase in vandalism on the property and concern for the safety of the building and its members.

Last spring in May a fire broke out at the centre, believed to be an act of arson. The meditation centre came to Scarborough community council with an application to build a fence 3.4 metres (eight feet) high.

Councillor Paul Ainslie said the way the church went about the application helped them get permission.

“It helps that the church had yet to build the fence,” he said. “Often people will construct something outlandish, receive a fine and then appear before community council.”

The construction of the fence was also a key issue. Had it been made of wood, the council would have declined it outright.

“It is a well designed fence and gate of iron rods that has minimal visual impact on the surrounding community,” Ainslie said.

“This is a religious organization which has always strove to be an integral part of the West Hill community. They designed a fence that reflects well on the overall design of their property. It complements the setting of their facility on the banks of Highland Creek.”

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By: Phillip Smalley
Posted: Oct 22 2009 9:47 am
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