Where’s the party at? Not here…

For anyone who wants to party in Scarborough, there’s not much to do, especially in this end of the area. There are a few bars and restaurants, but it’s really hard to find the gems.

As a city, Scarborough is lacking in a vibrant nightlife. Even Rexdale has more nightlife than we do with a variety of clubs and bars near the airport. Other than Rumours, there are no clubs for young ones to dance the night away.

There’s also not much to do during the day. There aren’t many places to shop for teens who become mallrats on the weekend. The only real central hub of fun and entertainment is Scarborough Town Centre where there’s an assortment of restaurants like Baton Rouge, Moxie’s and Jack Astor’s. The restaurants and clubs for nightly entertainment are very limited. Restaurants mostly consist of chains rather than the one-of-a-kind sites that are found in downtown Toronto or North York. There are few interesting places to dine in at the wilderness of Scarborough.

Nearby Scarborough spots that will make the night memorable

  • The Olde Stone Cottage
  • The Fossil & Haggis Pub
  • Shoeless Joe’s
  • Danny’s Pub
  • Ange’s Restaurant
  • Tux Nightclub
  • Cigar Bar
  • Nite Caps Bar and Grill
  • Sunrise Bar
  • Black Dog Pub
  • Kilt Pub
  • Millie’s Billiards
  • Sister’s Great Buffet
  • Purdy’s Irish Pub

For nightlife, there are even fewer options than for dining out. Local bars and karaoke joints sporadically dot the area. In this area, we have a Fossil and Haggis and The Olde Stone Cottage, which is equipped with pool tables, and that’s about it. As a 21-year-old in Scarborough, when I’m going out locally, I usually stick to going to The Olde Stone Cottage with friends.

Unfortunately, there are not many young people about in local pubs. I figure most of them have headed downtown to clubs like Circa or Tattoo Rock Parlour. Most of the time, I join them in the centre of the city, but on the off chance I decide to stay nearby it seems like there are fewer places to go and fewer people my age to party with.  If I want to dance, I have to trek downtown, to Rexdale or Woodbridge.

I find it very hard to find something new or interesting to do in this area. The sad thing is, a abundance of people my age who attend Centennial College and the University of Toronto probably feel the same way.

We are drowning in boredom.

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By: Selena Mann
Posted: Oct 26 2009 8:52 am
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