Women in Malvern acknowledge Woman Abuse Prevention month

Women face abuse on a daily basis. A fact Malvern’s Women’s Place is too familiar with.

November is National Woman Abuse Prevention Month,  The Malvern organization will join with other agencies for an information session on abuse and other issues at Malvern Town Centre on Nov. 27. Women’s Place formed in 1994 after a group of agencies realized how isolated some women and girls were in the community.

Signs of abuse
  • She’s nervous talking when he’s there
  • She has no access to a phone and has become isolated from friends/family
  • She has unexplained bruises
  • He blames her for ruining his life
  • He constantly checks up on her
  • He threatens to harm the children or himself
Preparing to leave
  • Tell someone about the abuse
  • Have a code word to signal your children that they should leave or get help
  • Have a doctor document your injuries; keep journal/evidence of abuse
  • Don’t tell your partner you are leaving
  • Contact a shelter or police
How to talk to abusive men
  • Approach him when he’s calm; avoid arguing as it might put her in more danger
  • Don’t make judgements about him as a person; keep it focused on his behaviour
  • Keep it focused on your concerns for his family

The stigma attached to abuse, fear of more punishment from the abuser, embarrassment of exposing family problems and distrust of the police often prevent women from coming forward about abuse, said Women’s Place manager Cathy Mwanza.

Laurel Broten, minister of children and youth services, also responsible for women’s issues made a speech at Queens Park on Nov. 3.

“Their stories are inspiring and compel us to do more and to do better in preventing woman abuse,” she said. “Violence against women is unacceptable. In addition to acknowledging the strength of survivors, I also want to take the time to appreciate the tireless efforts of professionals and organizations that help those women and their children rebuild their lives. They deserve our thanks.”

In 2008, it was announced that $1.5 million would go toward Ontario’s 42 Domestic Violence Community Coordinating Committees. So far, $18.8 million has gone to women’s shelters and second-stage housing.

Women’s Place offers  counselling, information on employment and housing, computer lessons and workshops on self-esteem, relationships, and other issues. They welcome women and girls from all backgrounds.

Women’s Place is located at 31 Tapscott Rd. at Malvern Town Centre and is open Monday to Saturday. For more information, visit mfrc.org or call 416-293-4664.

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