Morningside Mall ‘licks’ its chops

Lick’s Homeburgers opened its doors at Morningside Mall on Nov. 5 — by popular demand, says the restaurant’s owner Eddie Hu.

“This community is so welcoming and so happy we opened here,” Hu said. “Everybody in this neighborhood has been telling us they couldn’t wait until we opened.” For over a month the Canadian-owned eatery has received positive feedback from locals who voiced  it was long overdue, according to Hu.

Morningside Mall has been revamped over the past year and Lick’s was proud to be part of this project.

“We saw that this was a great opportunity to work together to make this community newer and more updated,” Hu said.

Lick’s head of operations Mavis McLain said the chain was vigilant in booking a spot for Lick’s during the reconstruction of the mall because it is hard to get into certain areas in the city once they are developed.

“It’s hard to know what to expect when you open a store, you always hope that you do get a good location and that it’s going to be busy but again, you just never know,” McLain said. “This one has turned out to be highly successful and has done even better than our expectations.”

Last September Lick’s opened a new location in Dubai, their first international restaurant, which has been doing quite well according to McLain. The restaurant has 30 locations in the GTA and plans to open more across the city, including downtown Toronto.

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Posted: Dec 10 2009 4:08 am
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