Public fight to keep Scarborough hockey alive

Almost all hands went up when supporters at the Scarborough Hockey Association were asked if they’d be willing to volunteer to help keep hockey alive in Scarborough.

Over 150 supporters including coaches, parents and kids attended the SHA meeting on Dec. 3. Some of the kids were part of the hockey teams in the SHA and proudly sported their hockey jerseys and jackets.

The meeting consisted mostly of the public asking SHA president John Kelloway and the board of directors questions about the association’s marketing plans and whether or not there will be hockey in Scarborough.

“We want to help,” a woman in the crowd said to Kelloway and everyone else. “That’s why we’re here. Let’s keep the SHA alive.”

Several accused Kelloway of “sabotaging the league,” “not taking his job seriously,” and not trying to market the SHA.

“If you’re not happy, step down and find a new replacement,” another woman in the crowd said to Kelloway.

Near the end of the meeting, two options were presented to the public.

Option A is to have the SHA continue as a non-profit community hockey league. More action to reach parents and kids in Toronto would be undertaken.

Option B proposes the SHA join the Greater Toronto Hockey League. Some hockey teams in the SHA would disappear and some would play according to the GTHL’s schedule and cities.

The SHA’s board of directors are currently debating these two options.

You can visit for the detailed proposals and vote for which one you prefer.

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By: Stephanie Leung
Posted: Dec 11 2009 3:38 am
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