Another pedestrian hit, but escapes serious injury

In the last three weeks, an increase in pedestrian accidents has shocked the city.

Just after 4 p.m. on Jan. 28 another pedestrian fell victim to the automobile, following the accident the victim was taken to hospital. A light blue Honda struck a man on the corner of Secord Avenue and Eastdale Avenue in East York.

Jesus Hipolito, 45, witnessed the accident: “As I was turning left I saw a man standing on the sidewalk. He was about to cross the street,” he said. “This car hit him, when he fell to the ground, I stopped the car, I got out,” he said.

Hipolito stayed with the pedestrian while his wife called an ambulance.

The Good Samaritans did not know the severity of the man’s injuries and took every precaution against further harm.

“We didn’t want to touch the man,” he said. “He was groaning and moaning ‘I‘m hurt, I’m hurt’.”

Another bystander diverted traffic away from the injured man.

Added Hipolito, “another man in a blue Toyota stopped and directed traffic … other passersby were coming to his aid but we said, ‘it’s under control. Don’t touch him’.”

Const. E. Goodwin of the Toronto Police Service said the pedestrian sustained minor injuries.

She also drove home the message that pedestrians have to be more heads-up when it comes to traffic safety: “[They] need to watch what they are doing,” she said.

Since the recent spate of pedestrian fatalities, Toronto police have cracked down on jaywalkers, adding the disincentive of increased fines.

“We are going to start pedestrian initiatives and start charging them,” said Cost. Goodwin.

The driver of the Honda refused to comment.

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By: Victoria Gray
Posted: Jan 29 2010 4:57 pm
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