Chain-reaction collision a ‘complete mess’

One person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries this morning, following a four-car pileup at Kingston Road, just west of Galloway Road.

Toronto Police said the accident occurred at a relatively low speed and was just a standard traffic mix-up.  Charges are not expected to be laid.

“(The scene) was a complete mess. Four cars piled one on top of another,” said Greg Groves, the first tow-truck driver to arrive on the scene.  “One guy was taken away in the ambulance; three of the four cars are a total write-off.”

Traffic was heading westbound on Kingston Road toward Galloway when the chain-reaction collision – involving a Pontiac Sunfire, Kia Spectra, Ford Focus and Chrysler Concorde – left four cars piled in the middle of the street.

“We were going in the left-lane at normal speed when the car in front of me (allegedly) stopped.  I tried to stop in time but I couldn’t, there was ice on the road,”  Abid Muhammed, the driver of a 2003 silver Kia Spectra involved in the accident, said.

Muhammed, whose car was badly damaged in the collision, said he has been driving for 15 years without an accident and considers himself a good driver.  He said he worries about the other drivers on the road, especially with so many accidents around the city already this year.

“Thankfully nobody in my car was hurt, but now I have no car to drive,” Muhammed said.

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By: Josh Ungar
Posted: Feb 2 2010 12:01 pm
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  1. It’s high time that EVERYONE in this city takes a REFRESHER COURSE on WINTER DRIVING. As soon as there is any hint of ice or snow, the roads are total chaos. It should be IMPERATIVE that anyone handling a motor vehicle in Toronto knows how to CONTROL it when it SKIDS, etc.

    Hazel Jackson

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