Equipment malfunction but the race goes on

Despite an extended delay in competition, Canadians were able to position themselves in top spots for the medal round in the men’s 500m speed skating race on Monday.

The ice cleaner, Olympias, broke down after the first 10 pairs skated resulting in the last 10 pairs anxiously waiting for their turn to race

Three-time Olympian and top Canadian of the 500m race, Jeremy Wotherspoon, finished in fifth and Jamie Gregg in ninth.

Veteran Michael Ireland sits in 17th while first time Olympian Kyle Parrott is in the 21st spot. Parrott hit a cone on his first turn but was able to compose himself and continue a strong race.

After round one, Mika Poutala of Finland is in the top spot while Korean Mo Tae- Bum is in second place. Rounding off the top three is Joji Kato of Japan.

Jan Bos of the Netherlands was the first on the ice and had to skate alone because of the odd number of competitors.

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By: Rosa Garcia
Posted: Feb 15 2010 8:31 pm
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