Valu-Mart cracks down on employees

Police are investigating some employees from Valu-Mart at 123 Guildwood Parkway for thefts.

Store manager Tim Arnold said he was unable to comment until the investigation was complete and police have also refused to discuss the matter, except to say an investigation is underway

A source inside Valu-Mart, who asked to remain anonymous to keep his or her job, told the Observer 12 employees were fired over the past month for allegedly stealing products from the store.

The dismissals started after someone approached a manager of the store and claimed many of the younger cashiers were giving other employees, and even some friends and families, unauthorized discounts or free food.

Discounts can be given by pressing a 50 percent-off button, which is supposed to be used when an item has a special sticker on it, the source said. The cashiers also allegedly gave away free food by tossing items over the scanner without actually scanning them, the source said.

It is suspected secret cameras inside the scanners were used by the store to check whether items were actually scanned.

Some of those involved in the allegations are said to be no more than 16 years old and work only part-time.

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By: Bradley Featherstone
Posted: Feb 18 2010 10:23 am
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