Councillor is Citizen Shame

Public figures are no strangers to scandal – and now Toronto’s very own Adam Giambrone can join Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Bill Clinton in a long line of famous cheaters.

Like those before him, Giambrone continues a tradition of quitting at key moments in his career, after public disgrace. Tiger took a break from golf and Clinton was impeached. So in light of his recent exposure as an adulterer, Giambrone had to resign from the mayoral race due to the indecent press surrounding his affair with university student Kristen Lucas.

Although the obvious theory is to think this young woman a gold-digging fame seeker, it’s safe to say that a councillor who gets involved with two women at once should have his judgment checked. Giambrone once introduced the idea of a ferry system as a means of connecting the great city of Toronto, by making use of the abundance of parking lots (which would have been used as docks) located in the Scarborough Bluffs. Perhaps the TTC isn’t the only thing that could use some work.

Perhaps Giambrone could have stayed in the race had he known the evils of “sexting”. As the news of his sorted affair was made public by a detailed account of text messages, Giambrone and Lucas weren’t the only ones reaching new levels of intimacy.

The rapid way in which technology has imbedded itself into our lives continues to find new ways of reminding us, that ironically for Giambrone, we are all connected.

It’s no wonder that text messaging and related technology have impacted a mayoral race in such a way. In today’s digital world, exposed secrets and shameful affairs are news events we live for.

As technology continues to grow on us like additional limbs, there is a lesson to be learned from Giambrone’s fall from grace. We may never know, for the time being that is, how Adam Giambrone would have served as mayor. But we can learn that the truth, no matter how it’s sent, will always come out.

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By: Angela Rotundo
Posted: Feb 22 2010 11:03 am
Filed under: Opinion