Curling perfection for Martin

Canada’s Kevin Martin heads into the semifinals with a perfect record in curling, after defeating China’s Fengchun Wang 10-3 on Tuesday.

It was a short game for Martin (9-0) and his team as he drew for four in the seventh end and shook hands.

This could have been considered a warm up for the semifinals by Martin as he had already clinched a playoff spot. China’s Olympic journey ended as they were eliminated going into the game and finished with a 2-7 record.

Martin got off to a great start as Wang had a miss and Canada was able to draw for four in the first end.

By the fifth end break, Martin was up 6-2 over China.

Wang had an opportunity to draw for two but wasted their last stone as they came up very short, taking only one point in the sixth end.

The Canadians are looking to continue curling domination as the road to gold continues Thursday.  

A win and you’re in

Norway will move onto the semifinals as Thomas Ulsrud beats Great Britain’s David Murdoch 9-5.

Murdoch needed a win to make it through but Norway (7-2) would not allow that to happen.

Ulsrud finished the game in the eighth end, up by nine. They got off to a quick start going up by two in the first end but G.B. did not let up as they came from behind to score three in the second end.

It was all Norway from then on scoring doubles and a triple to send G.B. to a fourth place tiebreaker game on Wednesday against Sweden.

Sweden plays for a tiebreaker

Niklas Edin of Sweden defeated Johnny Frederiksen of Denmark 7-6 in a nail- biter.

Sweden was in a must win situation to continue their Olympic quest for gold. They also needed the Swiss or G.B. to lose to make it through.

Edin began the game with three points and by the fourth end were up 6-1. It looked like Sweden would have an easy win but Denmark was relentless.

The Danish men had a draw for two in the fifth end and continued to get singles to come from behind and tie the game in the ninth end.

Sweden scored a single in the tenth end to win the game and play Great Britain for fourth place in a tiebreaker game.

Denmark was eliminated and finished with a 2-7 record.

Switzerland off to the semifinals


Switzerland’s Ralph Stockli beats Thomas Dufour of France 6-2 to finish the round robin session in third place.

France was no match for the Swiss as they went down early in the first end and were unable to catch up.

Stockli was up 6-1 by the eighth end and by the ninth end, Dufour shook hands to end the match.

The Swiss finish with a 6-3 overall record.

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