Norway dominates ladies 4×5-km relay

On Thursday afternoon the ladies 4×5-kilometre relay took place at Whistler Olympic Park, where team Norway won the gold medal and Marit Bjoergen of the winning country collected her third gold medal at the 2010 Winter Games.

Bjoergen crossed the finish line with a team time of 55 minutes and 19.5 seconds.

Norway was a shoe in for the gold medal, with Bjoergen finishing well a head of team Germany.

Chandra Crawford, Perianne Jones, Madeleine Williams and Dasha Gaiazova of the Canadian relay team could not keep up in the race, finishing 16th with a time of 1:00:05.0.

Canadian Sara Renner, who won a silver medal in Torino decided not to take place in the relay wanting to save her energy for Saturday’s 30-kilometre race.

“I know for me that the hardest part is qualifying, but once I make it through the early rounds, that’s when the excitement begins,” Renner told the Metro News. “I’m really proud that we’ve evolved into something special, something big. We’re a team with a lot of heart.”

Germany claimed the silver medal with a time of 55.44.1 and Finland took the bronze home after finishing with a time of 55:49.9.

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By: Ashley Morris
Posted: Feb 26 2010 9:31 am
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