The coywolf threat

Coyotes aren’t supposed to be in Scarborough, but they are.  And this has to surprise some people.  If you just recently moved to the area, would you think wild canines would be in your backyard?

If you come from an area like Keele Street and St. Clair Avenue West, the worst critter enemies were the few ants trying to enter the crack through my back door or maybe even a nasty scorpion that made its way in to the bathtub.  At least those attacks could be fended off with a big book or newspaper.

That’s not the only surprising thing about the wildlife in the area.  Don’t get on the bad side of the raccoons in the neighbourhood.  They’ll feud with you.   They’ll knock over trashcans and spill garbage everywhere.  Then, you’ll be stuck picking up their leftovers.

As exciting as that is, that’s not even the most surprising thing found.  Also in Scarborough, your neighbours may even have their own horses.  These are the suburbs.  Shouldn’t you be out on a ranch somewhere?

Now, it’s become known in that area hybrids between coyotes and wolves exist; they’re called coywolves.

What’ll top that?  Next thing, you’ll find a mutant pack of dogs or mutant bees, or dogs that shoot mutant bees at you when they bark.

When moving to this area, you could handle the extra mosquito bites, a difference noticed between Scarborough and neighborhoods near the core.  Now, it looks like residents are going to have to make note of these super beasts that are half-coyote and half-wolf.  These things travel in packs, which means it’s one of us versus at least three of them.

The salesman for the house doesn’t warn potential homebuyers about the coyotes or the wolves.  But apparently, these animals are always here, according to Toronto Animal Services.  Thanks for the heads up, salesman.

All joking aside, it’d be useful to have some signs up in areas where coyotes are known to hang around.  This would serve dog owners in the area tremendously, because coyotes and wolves in the area have attacked small dogs being walked.

In the meantime, become like 100-metre world record holder Usain Bolt. Just be ready to run when a pack of coywolves are chasing you down.

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By: Ryan Jhagroo
Posted: Mar 25 2010 6:52 am
Filed under: Opinion